First and foremost, we are a manufacturer of Sulphur-based fertilizer products. Our goal is to listen to the agronomic needs of our customers- distributors, wholesalers, and agronomic service providers- to create Sulphur based products that fit their regional profiles. We can sell directly to farmers who have their own management plans, but we strongly encourage the assistance of an Agronomist in determining soil amendment products.

Secondly, we are born of a Transportation and Logistics company, Bizi Transport, that has been moving various commodities across Canada and the US for over a decade. With the cyclical seasonality of fertilizer demand, we can assure our customers that we satisfy the ‘At the Right Time’ component of 4R.

Currently we have the capacity to produce 120,000MT of various Sulphur based pastilles, and deliver 1200MT by rail per week, or any amount of bulk/bagged product to any where in North America and the World.

BiziSul Inc.

A simple phone call and we can discuss the possibility of mixing your macro/micronutrient needs with high-quality Sulphur Bentonite.

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Sister company of Bizi Transport Inc.