In the world of agriculture, efficiency and timing are everything — especially when it comes to the application of vital nutrients. Sulphur, an essential macronutrient for plants, plays a critical role in growth and productivity. It is a Foundational Need as a macronutrient, for soil amendment, pH balancing, water retention aid, and a compaction reducer. It also has Elevated Outcomes, given that pastillation can blend various Micronutrients into the formulation; its application can be a challenge though.

Whether we are trying to get it in-furrow, or we are applying with a spreader per season, we are searching for ways to ensure the following:

  1. Right Time (Seasonal requirements with short windows for application)
  2. Right Quantity (Pastille sizes and spreadability ensure the right lbs./acre application)
  3. Right Price (What solutions require more in-field time and product for critical macro inputs)
  4. Right Place (Drill vs Spreader)

Enter Sulphur Bentonite Pastilles: a game-changing technology that micronizes high concentrations of Sulphur, rendering it plant-available in season and ensuring sustained nutrient availability through slow-release mechanisms.


Immediate and Gradual Nutrient Release: A Dual Advantage

Sulphur Bentonite pastilles offer a unique dual-release profile. Upon contact with soil moisture, these pastilles rapidly disintegrate, micronizing the Sulphur content to an average particle size of less than 100 microns — the ideal size for quick microbial conversion into plant-available sulphate. This immediate disintegration is pivotal for crops with high Sulphur demands at the start of the growth cycle, such as canola.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The fine particles of Sulphur that are not immediately oxidized remain in the soil, providing a slow-release source of nutrients. This ensures that sulphate levels remain balanced, preventing both the deficiency and the overabundance that can stem from a single, large application of soluble Sulphur from AS, Sulphur Fines or other leaching products.


Enhanced Agronomic Performance

Studies have shown that the smaller particle size achieved using Sulphur Bentonite pastilles results in a larger surface area for soil microbes to colonize. This not only facilitates faster conversion to sulphate but also improves the overall efficiency of Sulphur and Nitrogen utilization. With the ability to provide a consistent supply of this critical nutrient throughout the growing season, plants can reach their full potential in terms of yield and quality.


The Role of Bentonite for Improved Soil Health

Bentonite clay, the binder used in these pastilles, also contributes to soil health. It helps improve water penetration and retention, promotes soil structure, and increases nutrient-holding capacity. The clay’s swelling properties ensure that the Sulphur is well-dispersed in the soil, maximizing the contact between Sulphur particles and soil microbes. Furthermore, the inclusion of bentonite aids in preventing nutrient leaching, a common issue with more soluble forms of Sulphur. The benefits of added Silica- the primary constituent of Bentonite clay- are widely discussed in nutritional soil formulations.


Sustainable Agriculture with Long-term Benefits

The slow-release feature of Sulphur Bentonite pastilles aligns with sustainable agricultural practices. Repeated applications not only cater to the immediate nutritional needs of crops but also build up the soil’s capacity to store and convert Sulphur. Fields that have a history of elemental Sulphur applications tend to exhibit increased rates of Sulphur oxidation, thanks to more active and populous S-oxidizing bacterial communities like Thiobacillus.


Adaptability and Ease of Use

Bizi90, a prominent Sulphur Bentonite product, exemplifies the adaptability of these pastilles to various soil types and climatic conditions. Whether applied in the seed row or broadcasted, the pastilles are engineered to break down effectively, adapting to the farmer’s preferred method of application. Their yellow color makes them easily distinguishable, ensuring precise application and even distribution across the field.

Adding to this, Bizisul Sulphur Bentonite products are OMRI-certified for organic farming applications!

Sulphur Bentonite pastilles have revolutionized Sulphur fertilization in modern agriculture. They address the common challenges associated with Sulphur application by providing a micronized, readily available form of Sulphur that transitions into a slow-release nutrient and can be applied in many ways. This innovative approach not only boosts crop performance in the current season but also enhances soil health for future planting, embodying the principles of precision agriculture and long-term sustainability.

To explore more about the application and benefits of Sulphur Bentonite pastilles, consider delving into resources provided by industry leaders such as Bizisul at